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Artist Retrospective: Phlegm

December 21, 2021
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Phlegm is a British muralist and artist who draws his environment into the narrative. He first developed his illustrations in self-published comics, and he still creates books of ink drawings.

One can say that the only difference between his comics and his murals is the working space; the size and surface where he places his artwork. His art style is highly unique and recognizable making him the most adored street artist. The artist’s work is striking and it will not leave anyone ambiguous. His works are mostly featured in the urban landscape, and run-down spaces. His surreal illustrations tell a story untold, as his imaginative creatures explore the visual narrative.

Mural in Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, 2018

Besides his outstanding mural artwork on buildings, old factories, urban spaces and art festivals he has painted on various objects like airplanes, boats, and vehicles. What makes him so unique is the way he sees street art. He believes his murals become part of the cities’ architecture being influenced by the surrounding, which is a wonderful way on how to see art.

“Time To Scream And Shout” in Reykjavik, Iceland, 2016

“Time To Scream And Shout” – Phlegm painted a myriad of his iconic characters undertaking various actions using a bunch of different objects. As usual with Phlegm, his world is populated with fantasy-like stories and artifacts.

Mural in Toronto, Canada, 2016

Elegant and complex in shape of a human form, the mural is a metaphor for the living, breathing nature of the city and emergence of soon-to-be-revived Yonge and St. Clair. Set to undergo an explosion of rapid change, the transformed area will see unified public realm improvements, architectural facelifts of the intersection’s buildings, new retail and engaging public signage. Inspired by the communities that make up the neighbourhood, the design was informed by a series of community consultations.

Mural in Cozumel, Mexico for SeaWalls 2015

Mural in Cardiff, Wales for Empty Walls Festival 2014

Mural in Melbourne, Australia, 2017

This mural was commissioned by the Chapel Street Precinct Association as part of the PROVOCARÉ Festival Of The Arts. John Lotton from CSPA spent two and half years planning this project, choosing the right artist, and locating the right wall for a large mural with a vision to become a landmark piece of public art for the area and add to the social fabric of the precinct.

Mural in Manchester, United Kingdom for Cities of Hope Festival 2016

“The Forest” Project in Epping Forest, United Kingdom, 2015

Mural in Ostend, Belgium for The Crystal Ship Festival 2017

“Giant Moa” in Dunedin, New Zealand, 2016

Mural in San Diego, California for PangeaSeed 2014

With the focus of their activity being raising public awareness and education about the conservation and preservation of sharks and other marine species, Sheffield born artist created a mural that covers the subject. In his signature, illustrative style, using minimalist black and white palette, he created this mechanic shark with his iconic characters powering the weird creation. The image can be seen as a warning of what could our future look like if we don’t stop the shark fin market and start taking better care about marine life in general.

Mural in Moss, Norway, 2014

For more updates on the British muralist, check out our #Phlegm page!

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