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INSA’s GIF-ITI Project in Portland, USA

October 27, 2015
1 min read
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INSA creates a mural for the Open School North in Portland with disadvantaged youths.

The latest animated mural by acclaimed GIF-ITI artist INSA, inspired by his five-weekresidency in Portland with Hollywood Theatre Education Programs and Open School North, has just been unveiled.
GIF-ITI, the term and process invented by INSA himself, involves photographing individual layers of a multi-stage, hand-painted mural, which are then combined into a looping digital image or GIF.
INSA’s Portland GIF-ITI design, conceptualized collaboratively with Open School North students and staff, includes blooming roses, paying tribute to Portland as the City of Roses; a goat with swirling eyes, representing OSN’s goat mascot; and the school’s name with an inset growing heart. OSN students, ages 11-14, were involved in the project every step of the way, undertaking 80% of the painting.

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