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Preview: “Lusus Naturae” London Exhibition with 100TAUR & Hisham Echafaki

October 7, 2015
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Next week in the UK will be opening “LUSUS NATURAE” in London Shoreditch, a duo exhibition  with French artists 100TAUR and Hisham Echafaki featuring a series of new paintings, drawings.
Curated by Butterfly Art News, the show explores notions of anthropomorphism, human fascination with oddities or monstrosities and our fragile relationship with the natural world.
For the first time London based artist Hisham Echafaki will also present a series of his three-dimensional paintings.
The preview list can be requested at [email protected] and if you are in the area, the show will be opening next Wednesday, October 14 starting 6PM at 94 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH.

Continue reading for more information and images and then check back with us soon for our full coverage.

 In natural history, the latin terminology ‘Lusus Naturae’ is used to describe any creature or specimen that defied classification, an animal or a person that is markedly unusual or a freak of nature.

The works on display invite the viewer into a world where fantastical hybrid creatures evolve alongside wonderfully bizarre animal figures. Toulouse based artist 100TAUR portrays mythical monsters in a surrealist dark enchanted world with colourful details rich in narrative.

100TAUR – Blood Brothers

Hisham Echafaki’s paintings play with intricate repetitive patterns found in nature and examine the impact that humankind exerts on its fragile balance.
Using a unique technique of resin layering and acrylic paint, the London based artist meticulously builds layers to create three-dimensional insects in transparent boxes. Oniric butterflies, bees and dragonflies appear to be suspended and preserved in the manner of fragile taxidermy insects.
Note that these are made of resin and acrylic paint only and no real insect has been used.

Hisham Echafaki – Queen Head Dragonfly
Hisham Echafaki – Sunset Moth detail (Resin and acrylic paint)
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