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Books: Hendrik ECB Beikirch “Tracing Morocco”

December 18, 2015
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Eternal wanderer of his time, Hendrick Beikirch aka ECB, in collaboration with the Montresso foundation, wanted to pay a tribute to Moroccan lines of work that are slowly going out of business, at least the way they nowadays persist. The idea came from the natural observation of the men and women who keep those gestures alive in the souks in the mountain villages or in the secluded corners of the Moroccan countryside.

Hendrik Beikirch came in artistic residency at Jardin Rouge a dozen times since June 2014 and realized 22 portraits, that will be shown at Marrakesh in December 2015.

Then during his 2015 world tour, Hendrik Beikirch reproduced his portraits on gigantic walls in all major cities worldwide and is still going to reproduce them throughout 2016

TRACING MOROCCO is rst of all the encounter between a man, a country and his people. The book highlights the beauty of encounters and human passions. In order to honour them, Hendrick Beikirch portrayed those Moroccans, emphasi- sing these anonymous’ fascinating emotions. During his Moroccan escapades with the Montresso foundation he created unadorned portraits, without any inappropriate effusions nor over owing empathy.

The book is an edition 2 500 copies with 50 deluxe version, signed and numbered by the artist.

The book Tracing Morocco, published by the art foundation Montresso*, will be introducing exclusively in December, at the occasion of presentation of the ending work of residency of Hendrik Beikirch at Jardin Rouge. If you are not in the area but wish to preorder the book, make sure to drop them an email at [email protected]

ECB_presentation_4_HD_©Paul Etard Hendrik Beikirch _ studio _ jardin rouge _ montresso art foundation ©Robert Winter (1) Naestved, Danemark, Hendrik Beikirch Abderraim_2015_Acrylic, Indian ink, and spraypaint on canvas_190x150cm.tif

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