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St+Art India: “There Is Nowhere To Go But Everywhere” by ECB in New Delhi

March 2, 2016
1 min read
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Known for making monochromatic murals depicting anonymous personalities around the world, Germany based artist ecb Hendrik beikirch’s latest mural was recently completed in New Delhi for the excellent St+Art India event.

Upon seeing his site which is an extremely industrial setting of a now defunct cement factory – next to one of the largest landfills of the city, Ecb felt the area was lacking a human touch. He decided to make a large scale portrait of an average Indian person who frequents the area everyday – to reflect the constant struggle of the rag pickers and truckers who work day and night in the area, but yet remain unknown. This mural was completed in 4 days and can be found at ICD.

2_Hendrik_final Hendrik_wip-14_Photo by Akshat Nauriyal Hendrik_wip-13_Photo by Akshat Nauriyal Hendrik_wip-2_Photo by Akshat Nauriyal Hendrik_wip-7_Photo by Akshat Nauriyal Hendrik_final-5 Hendrik_final-7 Hendrik_final-8Pics by Akshat Nauriyal

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