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Daas in Osaka, Japan

December 20, 2015
1 min read
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Daas just sent us a series of images showcasing his latest mural which was just finished somewhere on the streets of Osaka in Japan.

This mural was produced for the Takatsuki Art Expo 2015 in Takatsuki City, Osaka, Japan. It’s a depiction of Haniwa characters; a human figure, horse and a traditional Japanese house.  There were a large amount of Haniwa unearthed in Takatsuki and this mural is designed to celebrate the history of the area.
The Haniwa (埴輪 ) are terracotta clay figures which were made for ritual use and buried with the
dead as funerary objects during the Kofun period (3rd to 6th centuries AD) of the history of Japan.

1280-2-DAAS_takatsuki-haniwa-mural-1-2 1280-outline-2-DAAS_takatsuki-haniwa-mural-3 1280-outline-DAAS_takatsuki-haniwa-mural-3

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