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Fivust “Haunting Crawlers” Solo Exhibition @ Osaka’s Crackers

September 4, 2019
1 min read
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Fivust, also known as F21ST is an ultra talented illustrator, graffiti artist, muralist and designer based in the city of Bogor in Indonesia.

His interest in graffiti begins when he is tired of struggling with paper and painting tools in general. He never stopped drawing from the first time using spray paint, and started found his rhythm. Graffiti makes him to have more perspectives and targets. His inspiration came from many things, such as daily life, pop culture, movies, clothing, food, architecture, and traveling. Everything gives him new ideas and new learning how to see it.

This Saturday, in Japan, Fivust will open his first ever solo exhibition “Haunting Crawlers” at Crackers. The artist will present a new body of work featuring of original artworks on canvas and paper. The show will be running from September 7th to Sunday 15th of September at 〒550-0014 Osaka, Nishi Ward, Kitahorie, 1 Chome−23−4 550 0014 丁目.

If you would like to preview the artworks for sale, make sure to request the preview list by email here.

In the meantime, keep checking back with us for more teasers and our final coverage in the coming days.

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