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“Fake” by Sepe in Miami, Florida

December 17, 2015
1 min read
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The other day we were writing about the the collaborative project curated by Urban Nation and PangeaSeed Foundation, so today we’re revealing another piece created for this effort. During his first visit to Wynwood, Polish artist Sepe painted a piece titled “Fake”, right next to the featured wall by Nevercrew.

The artist who is often using masks and theater references in his work, created an image showing a human wearing a fish mask, surrounded with seaworld ornaments around him. With preserving the oceans being the main theme of the project, the artist wanted to make a statement that once the sea life is extinct we’ll have to imitate its vibrancy and diversity. The inspiration for this piece were the predictions that all our oceans will be dead within next couple of decades. Funnily, after finishing the piece, Sepe notice that the piece comments on the “artworld” even better than the original topic.

Check out more close up and process photos after the jump and stay tuned for more reports from Miami and the rest of the world.






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