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“Recycling Kingdom” by Rustam Qbic in Napier, New Zealand

April 13, 2017
2 min read
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Rustam Qbic recently finished his latest large scale mural titled “Recycling Kingdom”, for Seawalls Projects by Pangeaseed Foundation in Napier, New Zealand. Slightly stepping away from his signature imagery and color palette, Rusian artist painted an environmentally focused image that is paying tribute to human’s relationship and dependence on our oceans.
Using spray paint and acrylic paint Qbic quickly worked his way through this meaningful piece depicting 3 children on top of a large whale. With one of the children cleaning the oil from the ocean’s surface, while others are building a shelter on a large mammal, the image is a metaphor for the major environmental problems we’re leaving for future generations. As usual with his work, the mural carries a positive feel to it, showing the unity of different nationalities and races, as well as unity with the nature. The idea of this work is to raise awareness of this concealed egoism which we are used not to notice until is too late.
Seawalls Projects by Pangeaseed Foundation is promoting the finding of a serious approach to waste recycling and extraction of feedstock from it, as well as the construction of new cities which will not contaminate the world around. Check out more progress images by Vinny Cornelli and some details of the finished mural by Tre Packard after the jump.

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