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“Brighter Days Are Coming” by Sepe in Russia

May 31, 2017
1 min read
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Sepe recently completed a beautiful wall in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in collaboration with Urban Nation Berlin, Goethe Institute and Street Art Museum. The theme was the 100th anniversary of October Revolution in Russia.

Sepe’s painting is a pastiche of a painting by russian artist Ilja Riepin titled „Kurskaya Korennaya” ilustrating the Eastern procession in the district of Kursk. In his artwork the holy insygnia are replaced by the huge statue of golden idol – child carring a Kaloshnikov rifle. It symbolizes revolution as a birth of an idea – child that’s expected to grow up strong and healthy, bringing its parents happyness and reasons for pride. Instead of this it grows up for an unpredictable tyran and soon terrorises his own parents.
The rescuer turns into the torturer. Peacemaker turns into aggressor. Planned rationalization and ‘brighter days’ brings violence and oppression instead.

The artwork also strongly refers to current political situation in this region. Bold head is not an accident…

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