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Invader’s 6th wave of Invasion in New York City

December 22, 2015
1 min read
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Invader spent the last few days in New York City where he worked his way through his 6th wave of Invasion. After several restless nights, 42 new pieces have just appeared in the Big Apple.
This is the most accomplished Invasion ever undertaken in this city, with some space invaders mosaics but also tributes to great icons of NYC like Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Woody Allen, the Ramones, Revs & Cost, Spider man or the Ninja Turtles !

The mosaics are made using weather-resistant tiles, which represent the pixels used for graphics in early video and computer games. The installation process typically takes at least one week, including scouting, recording, and mapping locations.

ny_175_a ny_180_a NY_185_a 2 ny_186_e ny_174_c NY_169-b ny_167_else2 ny_163_else ny_156 ny_148-else_sm NY_149-makingof2 ny_150_making-of ny_153-else NY_155-else _mg_5481 NY_180-b

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