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Lek & Sowat unveil an installation at the Villa Medici in Rome

December 2, 2015
1 min read
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2 - Lek & Sowat :: Villa Medici

To launch their one year residency at the legendary Villa Medici in Rome, Italy, Lek & Sowat created this ephemeral installation, partly covering the inner facade of the Roman palace edified in 1576 by Bartolomeo Ammannati.
Playing with the chromatic and architectural subtleties of the building, Lek & Sowat’s work seem to wrap around Giambologna’s Mercury sculpture while leaving free the antic bas-relief carvings collected by Ferdinand de Médicis as part of his incredible art collection.

The Villa Medici is France’s 350 years old artistic residency program and the French duo are the first ever street artists to take part in this amazing program.
We look forward to discover what they will be creating over the upcoming year but in the meantime take a look at more images below.

8 - Lek & Sowat - Villa Medici 7 - Lek & Sowat :: Villa Medici 6 - Lek & Sowat :: Villa Medici 5 - Lek & Sowat :: Villa Medici 4 - Lek & Sowat :: Villa Medici 3 - Lek & Sowat - Villa Medici 1 - Lek & Sowat :: Villa Medici

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