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Roamcouch is back with a new mural in Japan

Matt Matt
Matt Matt
Canadian born, Toronto & Brooklyn based photographer, Matthew A. Eller has built a name for himself through his street art photos and in-studio visit photo-shoots/interviews; Ron English, Buff Monster, Dain just to name a few.Not only an artist in his own right, he's an intellectual property attorney. Representing an array of who's who of Brooklyn street instagram: Twitter: @ellerlawfirm
December 22, 2015
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Japanese street artist Roamcouch is back with a brand new mural depicting a dreamy gondola ride featuring his trademark stars and whimsical children.

Located on the side of the Irikata flood prevention warehouse in Higashimusubu, Anpachi-cho,Anpachi-gun, Gifu, Japan, and measuring 6m x 5m the viewer is transported to the canals of Venice while being engulfed in the beauty of Japanese country side.  As usual with Roamcouch, this piece features his intricate stencil design which is formed  by over 10 different layers.

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