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Add Fuel in Gaeta, Italy

March 19, 2016
1 min read
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The always excellent Memorie Urbane Festival is kicking off its 2016 season with a brand new mural from Add Fuel.

Painting on the streets of Gaeta in Italy, Add Fuel aka Diogo Machado just wrapped up this interesting new piece showing his mosaic inspired paintings.

“In Portugal, the Azulejo mosaic tile is more than a mere decorative element of little intrinsic value. It has been an important medium for Portuguese artistic expression for more than five centuries.” And now, Diogo is taking that wonderful art one step further and reinventing history by blending the urban graffiti language with traditional Azulejo styles and methods, therefore keeping its soul intact but turning them into an explosion of colour, characters, shapes and details that speak to the contemporaneous urban needs and ways of artistic expression.

Take a closer look at this intricate piece with more images by Flavia Fiengo and as usual keep checking back with us for the latest updates from the streets of Italy.
AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-11 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-9 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-8 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-7 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-6 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-5 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-13 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-12 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-4 AddFuel_MemorieUrbane_Formia_FlaviaFiengo-3

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