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“Metal Church” a giant Installation by Edoardo Tresoldi in Siponto, Italy

March 30, 2016
1 min read
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Our friend Edoardo Tresoldi spent the last few months in Siponto, Italy working on his largest installation to date.

The Italian installation artist was able to reinterpret the spaces once occupied by the ancient early Christian Church, creating a wire mesh installation light and transparent in the Archaeological Park of Siponto.

The archaeological context merged with the work of Edoardo Tresoldi gives a new life to this ancient forgotten church.

“The work of Edoardo Tresoldi appears as a majestic architecture sculpture able to tell the volumes of existing early Christian Church and at the same time able to vivify, updating it, the relationship between the ancient and the contemporary. A work that, breaking up the secular controversy of the arts primacy, summarizes two complementary languages ​​into a single, breathtaking scenery. ” — Simone Pallota

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