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Coverage: Paul Insect – It’s Only A Dream @ Allouche Gallery London

April 14, 2016
1 min read
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Paul Insect 16

We are excited to see the return of British street and contemporary artist Paul Insect to London  for  an exhibition of new works ‘It’s Only a Dream‘. We still have some fond memories of his London Poison back in 2008.

Presented by New York based Allouche Gallery for their first pop up location in London Old Street, the show features Paul Insect’s signature puppets ( which we saw at Dismaland with New York street artist Bast) as well as a series of paintings and abstracted figures.

Using spray paint chip’s collected from various degrading and flaking painted walls over the past seven years, Paul Insect also created new sculptural works looking like taxidermy owls, or a stormy cloud in a tea cup.

Paul Insect 02Paul Insect 19 Paul Insect 20 Paul Insect 01 Paul Insect 17Paul Insect 03 Paul Insect 04 Paul Insect 06 Paul Insect 07 Paul Insect 09 Paul Insect 10 Paul Insect 11 Paul Insect 15Paul Insect 13

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