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Okuda in Arcugnano, Italy

April 22, 2016
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San Marcos Lion

Okuda recently the italian town of Arcugnano where he was invited to participate in the third edition of Art In The Streets project.
This time around, the Spanish artist and his fellow assistant Antonyo Marest painted five different murals over the walls of the town’s kindergarten.
Okuda was welcomed by the children from the neighborhood that created with the help of their parents, their own interpretation of the artist’s work which they saw on the walls.
In the words of the artist “I had a project in mind but in Arcugnano I changed my direction to leave a message of positivity, freedom, love and nature”.San Marcos Lion2 Spherical eyes Spherical eyes2 Spherical eyes3 Piazetta Okuda San Miguel8 Piazetta Okuda San Miguel7 Piazetta Okuda San Miguel2 Opposite Mirror Opposite Mirror3 Murano Star Murano Star2 Maiagatto di Vicenza3 Maiagatto di Vicenza Flying Cages2 Flying Cages3

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