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“Deaf Phone” by Sepe and Chazme in Assago, Italy

June 16, 2016
1 min read
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Sepe and Chazme just finished working on this banging collaboration somewhere on the streets of  Assago, Italy for the latest edition of the START festival.

Entitled “Deaf Phone”, the Polish duo gave birth to this poetic and superb street piece showing each artist’s distinctive style and imagery blended together.  Through clever use of light and limited color palette as well as expressive brush strokes, Sepe achieved a strong atmosphere with this piece coupled with abstract architectural elements from Chazme.

This piece is fascinating with its absurd, grotesque, shoddy, hysterically flamboyant world.

Continue reading to discover a few more shots and keep your eyes peeled on the StreetArtNews to discover a lot more exciting artworks.

SEPE_CHAZME_Deaf_Phone_2_2016s SEPE_CHAZME_Deaf_Phone_detail1_2016s SEPE_CHAZME_Deaf_Phone_detail2_2016s SEPE_CHAZME_Deaf_Phone_detail3_2016s

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