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Spanish artist Pejac recently spent couple of days working on his first series of public installations in London. Titled “Downside Up” these 4 sculptural pieces show old pairs of shoes hanging off light posts, only “downside up”.

Once again Pejac showed his ability to catch the passerby’s attention with a subtle twist of reality. In this case, his “hanging” shoes defy gravity in effort to point out the twisted state of the world today, but also, to play with viewers imagination. These fun installations can be found in Redchurch Street, Shacklewell Street and Granby Street in East London (E2), and are done as an introduction for his upcoming London solo exhibition on July 22-31.

 “’You do not have to be an artist or a child to have a different view of reality. This work is for those who are looking to let their imagination drift away with gravity. Or possibly more for all those who have forgotten to do so.” – Pejac

Check out more photos of these effective public interventions, and please let us know what you think about Pejac’s work in the comment section.

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