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“Untouchable” by GERA1 in Lelystad, Netherlands

January 14, 2022
1 min read
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Young contemporary artist Gera1 recently completed a mural in Lelystad, Netherlands in collaboration with Writer’s Block Murals. He focuses on Glitch Art and his pieces are characterised by realistic portraits and abstract forms that coexist in a space full of slides and intense colour contrasts.

Gera was born in Athens, Greece and is a Visual Artist that started as a graffiti writer in 2009. He is a student at the School of Fine Arts and he has also studied Graphic and Applied Arts. He took part in several art exhibitions festivals in Berlin, Paris, and Milan.

Scroll down below for more photos of “Untouchable” and stay in tuned with us for more updates on the street art scene from around the globe.

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