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“From Chaos” by SHOK-1 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 17, 2024
1 min read
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Street artist SHOK-1 unveils his new work “From Chaos” at the Straat Museum in Amsterdam.

This piece depicts a giant version of a classic spray paint drip, from which grows an intricate X-ray flower. The dots of the spray pattern were painstakingly painted, one by one, showcasing SHOK-1’s meticulous attention to detail. “From Chaos” symbolizes the emergence of beauty and order from disorder, reflecting the artist’s fascination with the interplay between chaos and structure.

SHOK-1 is the pioneer of aerosol X-ray art, and his unique works can be seen on murals around the world. Blending street art and science, SHOK-1 spray paints x-ray-like visuals of mostly human, animal, or plant origins. Darkly beautiful and packed with subtle layers of delicate detail, he has perfected his no-tape, no-stencil technique, which is one of the most challenging subjects a painter could attempt. As a self-taught artist with a degree in Applied Chemistry, SHOK-1 champions rationalism in an era where anti-intellectualism is on the rise and scientists and experts are often denounced in favor of sub-literate opinions.

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