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Stinkfish in Shanghai, China

July 22, 2016
1 min read
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Stinkfish spent the last few days traveling around China where he stopped by Shanghai to create a few new pieces.

As usual with the Colombian artist, he created several new portraits which were painted using stencils and spray paint. Each portrait is combined with abstract and vibrant patterns which helps to instantly recognize any Stinkfish’s piece around the world.

Take a look at a bunch of extra shots below and check back with us soon to discover the latest large mural from Stinkfish in China.

002_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016 003_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016 004_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016 005_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016 008_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016 009_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016 010_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016 011_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016 013_stinkfish_shanghai_china_2016

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