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“Awaken” by Zinan Lam in Shanghai, China

October 20, 2018
1 min read
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During recent days of Shanghai Fashion Week, the urban artist ZINAN LAM has been invited by local fashion media, featuring his new work ‘AWAKEN’ at Columbian Navel Club of ShangSheng·XinSuo.

The main part of this work is the snow lion, a symbol of protection and power in Tibetan Buddhism. Two snow lions foot in cloud to arriving, their hair has a form of water and fire respectively, corresponding to the eastern harmony of Yin and Yang. The blue which featured in the background represents wisdom and peace while the golden gate symbolizes the sun, for which is linking with a brighten ‘Awaken’ world.Through the work, the artist is sending a message about the current ‘Awaken’ state of modern oriental aesthetics.

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