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“The Last Journey” by Rustam Qbic in Poggibonsi, Italy

July 3, 2016
1 min read
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More and more active outside his homeland, Rustam Qbic was recently invited to Italian town of Poggibonsi, to take part in local DOTS Fest – Down On the Street festival. Organized by the Circolo Arci Blue Train Club, this year’s edition produced new works by Dome, Zed1 and Qbic.

In his signature style, Russian artist painted a dreamy surrealist image full of symbolism. Using the unusual architecture to create a setting of a nomad resting after a long journey through the desert, the artist tells story of passing knowledge and life. The character represents one of the fragile flowers that was plucked by the winds, and butterfly is feeding on his nectar, his knowledge, representing the new generation learning from the older ones.

See more details of this unusual work after the jump and feel free to tell us your vision of Rustom Qbic work.


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