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“Cave” by Andreco in Cagliari, Italy

August 31, 2016
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Italian artist Andreco just finished another great conceptual mural on the streets of Cagliari in Sardinia.

The mural is located front of the city’s stadium and is part of the “Galleria del Sale Project”, an open air gallery which can be seen around the area surrounding the canal.
Entitled “Cave”, the mural use the canal’s reflection and takes its inspiration from a cave that can be seen from the inside. In Sardinia, there are several caves located in front of the sea, because of the particular region’s geology.

This mural is part of Andreco’s “Nature As Art”, his long term research project resolving around the relation between humans and nature and between the urban environment and the natural landscape.

“Cave” by Andreco in Cagliari, Italy

Andreco_photo_by_Francesca_dedoni2-1500 Andreco_5_photo_by_francesca_dedoni_1500 Andreco_cave_far_1500Images by Francesca Dedoni

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