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“Several Landscapes” by Andreco in Belluno, Italy

August 3, 2016
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This artwork as many of Andreco’s latest works are part of “Nature as Art”, his art research where the natural elements of the landscapes are turned into art pieces.

The Nature as Art project comes from a multidisciplinary research that cross public art with environmental science and sustainability studies. The project comes also from the need to be less anthropocentric and to fight against the “artist ego” giving more space to the landscape and the political and social content of the work.
Andreco painted the “Several Landscapes” wall for the Clorofilla Festival. It is located at the entrance of downtown Belluno in Italy. The street have a panoramic view on the Dolomites, the local mountains and the mural itself became part of the landscape. The “game” for the public is to walk around the mural and connect the wall with the mountain profile in the background. It is possible to connect the wall in several points, this operation create several possible landscapes.

Andreco_Landscape_w1 Andreco_pnorama_belluno2 andreco_black_mountain2 black_mountain_andreco_front side_view_black_mountain side_at_work_black_mountain IMG_2936 IMG_2934

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