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Stinkfish in Zhouzhi, China

August 2, 2016
1 min read
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While you discovered some smaller pieces a few days ago, Stinkfish also visited the city of Zhouzhi in China for the Back To School Project.

Located in the Shaanxi Province, around 1 hour from the millenary city of Xi’an, the Colombian artist painted this signature piece surrounded by young kids in a local school. As usual with Stinkfish, his artwork was created using a mix of stencil and free-hand spray paint.

Take a look at more images after the break and keep checking back with us to discover the latest updates from S

02_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016 03_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016 04_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016 05_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016 06_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016 10_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016 09_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016 08_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016 07_Zhouzhi_Shaanxi_province_china_2016

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