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“5 Solidi Platonici” by Etnik in Battipaglia, Italy

September 12, 2016
1 min read
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Italian artist Etnik just wrapped up a beautiful new piece of work on the streets of Battipaglia, a small town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy.

Painting for the Urban Area Street Art Festival, it took Etnik several days to create this artwork which is showing some of his signature geometric imagery.

Etnik is the alias of Italian-Swedish street artist Alessandro Battisti. Battisti developed his artistic talent living in Florence in the 80’s before he was attracted to the underground culture of graffiti art. While his studio is in Florence, his work takes him further abroad in Europe, and also to America, where he searches for the most innovative scenes. Ten years ago he began his current project, his “Prospective Cities” series, which defines the bulk of his work today. Each work imagines a different floating ‘3-D’ city, amidst a changing sea of shapes, colors, and perspective. The effect of geometric & architectural illustrations (on buildings) is admittedly a bit surreal, but we think the end product is quite fantastic, especially when it is underplayed.

14202551_1095170873905725_883970318912569835_n 14206125_1094979107258235_8034162997106191658_o 14206130_1094979333924879_2636134719569101931_o 14241546_1094978973924915_8259643243501471809_o 14241622_1098035830285896_8408198666009282881_o

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