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Case Maclaim Paints a New Mural in Jacksonville, FL

October 27, 2016
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Case Maclaim recently visited Jacksonville in Florida, as the 1st artist to create work for this year’s edition of Art (Re)Public project. Along with 12 other international artists that will work in the city early November, the project founder Jessica Santiago and consultant Iryna Kanishcheva are aiming to create a nationally-recognized Art District.

Inspired by the history of the city and the local businesses, German artist decided to incorporate elements such as local bookstore as part of his work. The finished image depicts hands holding stacks of books, with titles of the books carrying “hidden” nods to city’s past and future – “Story of 100 years” refers to the wall’s neighboring buildings, as well as city’s rich history, while “Great Expectations” and “The Prophet” possibly suggest the potential for a creative awakening in the city. Once again Maclaim showed his great eye and skills for creating large scale photoralistic works, especially painting human anatomy and his favorite – hands, this time using more subtle, paler tones than usual.

Check out more detail and progress photos by Iryna Kanishcheva after the jump and check the mural in person @ 25 W Forsyth St in Jacksonville if you’re in the area.

case_maclaim2 case_maclaim3 case_maclaim4 case_maclaim5 case_maclaim6 case_maclaim7

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