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Preview: Ad Hoc’s 10th Anniversary & Luna Park Book release at 17 Frost Gallery, NYC

October 22, 2016
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14492313_10154680079809497_3990941370566631550_nTonight Ad Hoc Art turns 10 years old! To celebrate they will be producing an eclectic variety of events, including an exhibition, Luna Park book launch, panel discussions, art-making workshops, and some solid family time with your creative community. Starting with the opening party tonight and the show staying up at 17 Frost Gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn until November 19th.

dscf1336_fotorThe exhibition will showcase the incredible talent that has come out of AHA over the past decade, from the old school legends to the next level up-and-comers.  Participants Include: Alison Buxton, AVOID, Becky Fuller, Billy Mode, Brian Life, Caleb Neelon, Cash4, Celso, Cern, Chris RWK, Christopher Cardinale, Col Wallnuts, CRASH, Cycle, Dan Witz, Daryll Peirce, Dave Loewenstein, Don Leicht, Elle, Ellis Gallagher, Emily Bicht, EpicUno, Ewelina Koszykowska, Ezra Li Eismont, Fumero, Gaia, Garrison Buxton, Gigi Chen, Greg Lamarche, Halcyon Buxton, Hellbent, Icy & Sot, Infinity, JC, J Corp, Jaime Rojo, Jenna Morello, Jennifer Caviola, Jennifer Harris, Joe Iurato, Joe Russo, John Ahearn, John Breiner, John Fekner, Jonathan Villoch, Jordan Seiler, Josh Macphee, Kevin Caplicki, Kimyon Huggins, Lady Pink, Lmnopi, LogikOne, Luna Park, Magda Love, Marthalicia Matarrita, Mike Fitzsimmons, Molly Crabapple, Nathan Pickett, Nancie Yang, Noh J Coley, Peat Wollaeger, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Peter Carroll, Praxis, Pufferella, Queen Andrea, RJ Rushmore, Ray Cross, Royce Bannon, Reid Harris, Royal Kingbee, Ryan Seslow, Sam Horine, SeeOne, Sest2, Shiro, Sinned, Solus, Sonni, SpazeCraft, Specter, Steve Harrington, Stikman, Subtexture, Tod Seelie, Thundercut, TooFly, Veng RWK, Wane COD, YesOne, Zam, & more.
dscf1353_fotorAd Hoc is very excited to have their good friend, Luna Park, in the mix with the launch of her book, (UN) SANCTIONED: THE ART OF NEW YORK STREETS. This jewel shows some of the best action around through the eye and lens of one of graffiti and the street’s most respected photographers.

dscf1351_fotorExhibition and book launch open Saturday, October 22nd, 6-10pm, at 17 Frost, Brooklyn, NY 11211.  Events each weekend through November 19th closing party. 


All Photo’s Copyright 2016 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @ellerlawfirm.

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