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Maya Hayuk & Snoeman are Hand Making Protest Signs for Black Lives Matter Protestors

June 18, 2020
2 min read
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Veteran street and gallery artists Maya Hayuk & Snoeman have joined forces to do what they do best… paint! Over the past week the two have been tirelessly creating as many protest signs as possible to supportive the Black lives Matter movement.  Both are known for their use of bright colors and dripping motifs so it’s no surprise that their styles seem to blend seamlessly.

Hayuk & Snoeman are creating double sided hand painted signs on poster board designed to stand out in a crowd allowing messages like “Power to the People,  Do The Right Thing, & Fuck Racism” to pierce through a sea of signs.

Snoeman has been doing his part for the movement distributing hand made signs all over NYC for weeks.  So much so that copy-cat versions of his work are more than common place at protests around the world.  When Hayuk became aware of his efforts she reached out and this dream team was born.

Need a sign and live in NYC??  Add both Maya Hayuk & Snoeman on Instagram for information on where the signs are available.  If your lucky they will toss one to you from their rooftop studio!  Expect to see these signs all over in the days too come!

All Photo’s & Text Copyright 2020 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @ellerlawfirm

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