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“I lost my shoe when I saw you” by Lonac in West Palm Beach, FL

November 29, 2016
1 min read
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Last seen painting in his homeland of Croatia, Lonac was recently spending some time working on his 1st ever mural stateside. Invited by the Canvas festival in West Palm beach, Croatian artist another striking realistic piece showing that scale is definitely not an issue for him.

The piece titled “I lost my shoe when I saw you” is showing boy and a girl sitting on a bench and looking at each other. Using simple symbol of butterflies flying out of boy’s hat, the artist is telling a simple story about children falling in love. By adding the book belt on boy’s back, with artist’s signature cleverly placed on one of the books, as well as backpack with spraycans on the girl, the piece is also his tribute to creative expression and childhood. Although his largest piece to date, Lonac quickly worked his way around this beast, taking about a week to finish this impressive mural.

Check out more detail and progress photos by SilkFatBlues after the jump and let us know what your thoughts are about Lonac’s latest work in our comment section.










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