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Coverage: 4 World Trade Center 69th Fl. Group Show Opening

April 13, 2017
4 min read
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“4” by Fanakapan

The 69th Floor of 4 World Trade Center in lower Manhattan NYC welcomed over 50 world renowned street artists to paint every inch of the brand new office space.  Artists involved with the project included Ron English, Basil Sema, Buffmonster, Cernesto, Chris RWK, Fanakapan, Gui Machado (Erasmo), Hellbent, Icy and Sot, Jack Fox, Rubin 415, Sonni, UR New York,  joohee (sticky monger), Ian Ferguson, Hellbent, Chinon Maria, David Hollier, Scott Walker, Greg Frederick, Whisbe, Joe Iurato, Chris Stain, & BD White to name just a handfull.  Recently the final works were unveiled to an exclusive few who enjoyed the stunning works with the NYC skyline and a perfect sunset.

“Cosmic Tower” by Stickymonger

Floor art piece entitled “In Bloom” by Duda

Doors “Eye Love NY” by Buff Monster, & Wall “Threshold Apprehension” by Hellbent

Brooklyn based artist BD White explained the opportunity to be part of the show:

As an artist I love nothing more than working on interesting and exciting projects. The Art for World Trade Center experience was exactly that and I am grateful to have been asked to be a part of it.”

“Beautiful Loss” by B.D. White

The show was packed with a large cross-section of New York City’s real estate elite, press, celebrities, and of course many established and up & coming artists.

“21 Characters” by Sonni

Up and coming street artist John Arthur Carr who was a late edition to the artist roster designed an interactive freestanding piece of art for the exclusive event.  Carr explains:

“Being asked to exhibit work at one of the world’s most prominent buildings was an exceptional privilege… The idea was to create a moving sculpture. I asked myself as an animator, ‘is there a way to show Dorothy taking a bite out of the Big Apple’? It appears there was.”

As the open bar flowed, and the night continued the patrons were treated to an amazing sunset giving the works a whole new context.  The viewer of “street” art usually experiences the work either outside, or above them from the sidewalk below.  In this instance the perspective was flipped creating a new and beautiful NYC moment.

ChrisRWK at sunset

Artist Greg Frederick seen below with the godfather of street art Ron English and his submission for the exhibition entitled “Liberty Rocks” explains:

“It was such an honor and amazing experience to be asked to be part of Art for World Trade Center on the 69th floor. As it’s such a special place and event I wanted to make something extra special and make my first installation on two free standing doors. I painted them bronze and then added patina. On top of that I created the Statue of Liberty out of hand broken vinyl records and Wall Street Journals from 1919…. The entire experience was smooth and exciting!”

“Liberty Rocks” by Greg Frederick pictured with Ron English

Check out more photo’s and a list of participating artists below.  I’ve done my best to include and identify as many of the participants as possible!

WhIsBe – “Vandal Gummy Blue + Red”

Co-curator Joshua Geyer @joshuabgeyer getting interactive with one of Sonni’s “21 Characters”

Gumshoe – “Stripes and Stilettos” & Dominic Pattinson “Stand Out, Stand Proud”

WhIsBe, Stickymonger aka Joohee Park, Sonni, Chinon MariaGumshoe, Cern, Chillguins, Hugo Bastidas, Lauren Ys, L.E.G. + Itaewon, Kelsey Lee Montague, Jenna Morello,Joe Iurato + Chris Stain,  Basil, Iconic & 2 Cents, Duda, Joseph Meloy, Jack Fox, John Arthur Carr, Savior Elmundo, Conrad Stojak, Ron English, Bradley Theodore, YESONE, Ski and 2ESAE of UR New York, Icy & Sot, Dominic Pattinson, Brolga, Buttsup, Rubin 415, Layer Cake + Belowkey, Joe LaPadula, Jenna Krypel, Scott Walker, Zimer, Ian “Hydeon” Ferguson, Derti the Ripper, Dimenson, David Hollier, Hellbent, Dru Blumensheid, Ben Angotti, Jenna Krypell, Ur New York, HEKTAD, Sines, Taezoo Park, Fanakapan, Billi Kid, Boogierez, Greg Frederick, Erasmo, Dizmology, Gil Goren, Al Diaz, Kimyon333, Robert Marcucci, & Joe Woolhead.

Lauren Ys – “Flying Stripes”

Joe Iurato + Chris Stain – “The Rising”

Joseph Meloy – “WTC Urban Confetti Motif”

Ron English “No Brain No Pain”

Icy & Sot – “Untitled”

Rubin 415 – “II”

Zimer – “King of the Concrete Jungle”

David Hollier in front of his piece “$10 Bill” with @artlovenyc

Jenna Krypell – “Untitled”

Sines – “Homage to Philippe Petit (Man on Wire)”

ChrisRWK – “In the Big City”

“Vandal Gummy” by Whisbe featured in the lobby of 4 World Trade Center

All Photo’s & Text Copyright 2017 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @ellerlawfirm

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