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New Mural by Kobra at the World Trade Center Campus, New York

October 28, 2021
1 min read
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For nearly two years, renowned Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra was unable to travel to the U.S due to the pandemic. Now, Kobra’s first post-pandemic trip has brought him to the streets of New York City, specifically the World Trade Center campus.

Over the course of this weekend (10/22 – 10/24), Kobra worked on a new and historic mural right on WTC campus. The new mural portrays five women, each representing one of the continents—Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. The work praises the need for a more feminine planet, with the strength and sensitivity present in women across the world. Given the mural’s unique location on and around construction sheds, Kobra installed a panel that expands through the giant sheds creating a three-dimensional result.

Eduardo Kobra is best known for his massive-scale, brightly colored murals infused with bold lines. His famous photorealistic pieces often depict portraits of some of the most iconic people throughout history. He also produces three-dimensional works. Not infrequently, the core message of Kobra’s street art is the fight against pollution, global warming, destruction of forests and war.

Scroll down below to view more photos of Kobra’s latest project.

Photo credits: Joe Woolhead

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