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Murals in medieval town of Civitacampomarano, Italy by Gola Hundun

April 26, 2017
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Recently Gola Hundun visited Civitacampomarano, almost abandoned town in the heart of Molise region in Italy to paint countless murals all over it. Civitacampomarano is populated by only 400 people, and it is an amazing medieval town where it looks like the time stopped during the 70s. Recently the town was bitten by an unexpected landslide which was generated by extreme climate during the time – 3 meters of snow melted in just two days, and the landslide hit some of the houses. People who occupy those houses are very scared but united with a big heart, they were very gentle with the artist and allowed him to paint where he wanted.

The festival which organised artists intervention of the town is called CVTà Street Fest, curated by Alice Pasquini. This event was born with the idea to bring public attention on many problems the town has, including fundraising. Artists intervention of the town was associated with his focus of 2017 – transcription of homo sapiens and the impact of the environment since the technology was born, and going from neolithic to digital era. The fact that human being transforms landscapes for his necessities instead of adapting himself to it, ever since prehistoric time during the colonisation out of Africa till today, where we manage to change river flux, shapes of mountains etc… Scientists call this period anthropocene.

In this new phase the artist plays with gestural painting, which could be called action paining… more free and more destructurated shapes, violent and soft at the same time. Gola Hundun plays with the contrast of red and dark colours (which is the action of painting part of the piece, the destructive part) and the green together with bright colours, which the artist generally uses to make up shapes and the constructive parts of the composition.

Take a look below for more images by Alessia di Risio.

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