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Recap: Project „Flickenteppich” in Sofia, Bulgaria

May 17, 2017
1 min read
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A team of eight German artists travelled to the capital of Bulgaria to work on a project called “Flickenteppich” to meet and collaborate with the local artists. This tour was kindly supported by Goethe Institut Bulgaria, where the artists painted along with some other locations in the capital.
If you literally translate „Flickenteppich“ means rag rug, it references to the Sofia’s sidewalks. As a result of its use, decay and repair they look like a crazy mosaic built from the use of different stones, holes and layers. A pattern consisting of different shapes and colours, stones with nice sounds and trip hazards. Artists took this motive of improvisation as inspiration and combined it with elements they brought from Berlin and Dortmund.
Artists participating and collaborating on this project were Dennis Gärtner and Lynn Lehmann with Zebu; Nils Leimkühler with Nartur Kunstgruppe; Lariot; Steffen Mischke; Johannes Mundinger; Moritz Neuhoff with Nartur Kunstgruppe and Ludwig Schult.

Have a look below to the murals done during this project and stay tuned for more from Europe.

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