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“CENERE” an Installation by Borondo in Italy

June 5, 2017
1 min read
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“Cenere” is the interaction between two antipodal concepts, it’s like lighting a candle in a cemetery and then choose to put it down in an empty recess waiting for the becoming.

The beginning the end is, the beginning the end is, the beginning…

With these words, the Spanish artist Gonzalo Borondo recounts his intervention CENERE, realized inside the funeral chapel of the cemetery of Selci, Italy for the art residency PUBBLICA, that has been presented May 27, 2017, and that will be accessible in the upcoming days only by appointments by contacting the curators of the project.

The experience offered arises from the artist’s need to accompany each spectator in an intimate moment of sharing, transforming the intimate chapel into a mysterious pilgrimage of art. Borondo requested to keep open the cemetery at night to bring people to experience an unusual experience. The location was secret to the public. A bus set up ad hoc brought the spectators on a journey to the unknown destination. Once in Selci, the gates of the cemetery opened, people were free to get lost inside, and the arrive in the chapel that hosts the artist’s permanent intervention.

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