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“The resistance of wolves” by Riccardo Ten Colombo in Venaus, Italy

August 10, 2017
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Our good friend and a resident in Turin by the name of Riccardo Ten Colombo has just sent us some shots of his latest wall for NOTAV festival Altafelicità. Pastel colours dominate this mural combined with some dark browns and blacks representing two lone wolfs…

“The resistance of wolves”
The wolf is the symbol of the instinct inherent in every animal being.
It is perceived by men as a symbol of danger and aggression, despite the fact that there are no cases of
men attacked by them for about two centuries.
The Wolves have been chased away from the mountains, they’ve been beaten, killed and skinned.
Nowadays the wolf returns and regains his own natural space, even in Val Susa.
A true resistance that emphasizes that the mountains are not man’s property and the only possible way is
to live together instead of cutting off every single specimen.
The way is not to eliminate animal species to allow men to expand to new frontiers and to exploit the
mountains’ territory, on the contrary, it’s about to seek strategies for a new coexistence.
This Mural was made on the occasion of ALTA FELICITA’ music festival with the intention of
emphasise, once again, that mountains have to be lived, admired and considered as a source of inspiration
and well-being. And so, they should not be trapped in the heart and destroyed for filthy economic

La resistenza dei lupi
Il lupo, simbolo dell’istinto presente in ogni animale.
Simbolo del pericolo per l’uomo e dell’aggressività nonostante non ci siano casi di attacco all’uomo da
circa 2 secoli.
Scacciato dalle montagne, bastonato, ucciso e scuoiato.
Il lupo ora ritorna e riconquista i propri spazi, anche in Val Susa.
Una vera resistenza che sottolinea che le montagne non sono di proprietà dell’uomo e che l’unica strada
possibile è la convivenza e non l’abbattimento di ogni singolo esemplare.
La via non è eliminare una specie per permettere l’espansione dell’uomo verso nuovi confini e lo
sfruttamento del territorio montano, ma la ricerca di strategie per una nuova coesistenza.
Murale realizzato in occasione del festival Altafelicità per sottolineare ancora una volta che le montagne
vanno vissute, ammirate, considerate come fonte di ispirazione e benessere e non trafitte al cuore,
sventrate e snaturate.

Check out more shots below and stay tuned for more updates from Italy on StreetArtNews!

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