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“Sync” by WHOLE9 in Tokyo for The Mural City Project

October 19, 2017
3 min read
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Formed in 2007, Osaka based artist unit WHOLE9 consists of two highly skilled painters.. HITCH in charge of ‘representational painting’ focuses on painting realistic images of people animals and nature, while SIMO concentrates on ‘abstract painting’ binding the two styles together creating a cohesive piece of work. W9 is heavily influenced by street art and urban underground culture, clearly visible in their work.

Finding the perfect balance between their two different painting styles, WHOLE9 are able to create large scale murals in an unbelievably quick time. the mural was finished in just under one week with less than optimum weather. To date this is the biggest wall MCP and WHOLE9 have worked with, but the art work speaks for itself – a world class mural right in the heart of Koenji.

Officially named SYNC, this 20m tall mural in the heart of Koenji signifies so much of what BnA, Japanese artists and the Koenji locals are trying to do.

The eagle, with its wings spreading wide soaring into the sky, represents the city of Koenji and its inhabitants spreading their wings and sharing their amazing culture. The surrounding abstract images depict the diversity of the Koenji people and their acceptance of all the quirkiness and unusualness the outside world has to offer.

SYNC is a powerful portrayal of holding on to your sense of culture while sharing it with all those who are curious.

Started in October of 2016, the Mural City Project is a street art initiative run by the good people of BnA in hopes of promoting both up and coming Japanese artists and local creative neighborhoods by creating murals that transform and inspire the surrounding landscape. Koenji is the first neighborhood in the Mural City Project.

BnA (Bed&Art) Project, is an art x hospitality project in Japan. The project aims to support up and coming Japanese artists by giving them the room (literally) to execute their artistic vision without inhibition. Outside of running the Art Hotel Project BnA is heavily involved in creating opportunities for Japanese artists and global creative communities to connect organically and meaningfully through projects and spaces run by BnA.

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