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2501 For Le Mur 12 in Paris

December 19, 2017
1 min read
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Our good friend  Jacopo Ceccarelli aka 2501 was recently in Paris for the 1st time after 3 years. He was invited by Le Mur12 & Asso Cicero to paint the wall in the 12th arrondissement of Paris for World AIDS Day (December 1st).

Using India ink and customized brushes Italian artist constructed a series of monochromatic shapes along curved wall, forming a distinctive abstract composition. Relying both on geo-based shapes as the base for his imagery, and the unpredictable irregularities of customized paint manipulating tools, 2501 developed a distinctive style that feels both organic and manufactured. Painted in an effort to raise awareness and create dialog about AIDS, the mural is meant to create inner instability and disturbance and to reference the cycle of life through its shapes. The finished piece is a subjective, almost conceptual rendering of the devastating effects this disease has on people on multiple levels.

Check out more images of this peculiar mural after the jump and make sure you see it in person for the next two months at 36 Rue du Sahel in Paris.

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