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Back in 2017 our good friend David de la Mano was invited for a collective artistic project (initiated by Damian Ibarguren Gauthier) which tried to artistically “occupy” an old convent in the centre of Montevideo, and then show off all the work of the artists for a few days before the demolition of this construction to built some new housing…

The first idea by Damian Ibarguren Gauthier was to paint the altarpiece of the old church which was done by David de la Mano and Dani Pez called “Impermanencia, la muerte”. The second proposal was to choose a space and intervene it. The artist did it using dry plants with abandoned objects in the convent… For various reasons this project was suspended but at least the project was started and we have these gems to look at.

Take a look at more images below of the detail featured in this mural and keep checking back with us for the latest updates from South America.


Pictures by Manuela Aldabe.

Modestas Moe Noreika

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Modestas is a street art enthusiast who has been active in the scene for a few years, during that time has participated on production in projects around the world and continues to manage StreetArtNews print store. He is currently freelancing in the street art scene and is based in the UK.