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Skyscrapers, dragons and robots dominate the latest creation from MrFijodor. The wall spanning to around 130 linear meters in length was painted during the real short and cold winter days in Turin. Being the foot of the Alps, temperatures have dropped below zero which made painting and spraying less fun than it usually is!

Being a commission for an elevator company “Arrighi Ascensori” the artist took his initiative with this piece…

I convinced the owners to do my illustration without reference to their activity but only by putting some skyscrapers in the background. I mixed city, a giant dragon, animals and robots trying to create a dreamlike design. The left side is a daylight and cold, animated by trees that overlook the buildings… While on the right side it’s night time, the skyscrapers have lights on and the robots are working to bring the heart to the dragon. I try to put my style and my imagination also in commercial work. I work a lot on the line and on the world of dreams.

Check out some more in progress and panoramic pictures from Livio Ninni below and stay tuned for more updates from Italy!


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