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Artez Solo Show ‘Dreaming on Canvas’ @ Galo Art Gallery – Opening Night

April 10, 2018
2 min read
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Saturday April the 7th our friend Galo invited in his Turin based Gallery serbian artist ARTEZ to exhibit for his very first solo show in Europe.

As every Galo’s opening night, also ‘Dreaming on Canvas’ it has been a great party in which many friends and artists have passed to admire the works of this talented artist.  Artez, who was present at the opening, has prepared a unique selection of original artworks on canvas together with a limited edition of small screen prints of his latest worldwide murals. Although Artez is very young, it is a known name in the urban art scene thanks to the many murals he painted around the world.

As we had a cool walk&talk with him around the city, he explained us how his work developed over the years, moving from painting small scale surfaces with spray cans to painting large scale murals with acrylic wall paint, brush and rollers. The style he created over the years can be described as a mix of realism and illustration. He always kept an eye on recreating dreamlike and visionary atmospheres in which the subjects of his works are immersed in an flourishing nature that sometimes replaces the faces of the same characters.

” One thing leads to another and dreaming intensely on something is the first step to take for make it happen”  Artez.

Check out some of the photographs featured in the exhibition below and stay tuned for more updates from Italy!

Thank the gallery and Stefano Guastella for the pics.

Galo Art Gallery
Via Saluzzo 11 / G, Turin, Italy
Opening time
Tuesday -Wednesday 2.30 – 7.00pm
11.00 – 7.00 pm

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