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‘Ephemeral Volume 5’ by Ciredz in Tuscany, Italy

June 13, 2018
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Ephemeral Volume 5 is the title of the last mural realized by italian artist CIREDZ in Agliana (Tuscany, Italy) and it is part of the Ephemeral Volume” series.

Roberto Ciredz was invited to Tuscany on the occasion of the fourth edition of Street Art Agliana, a project promoted by the Municipality of Agliana, organized by The Wall and Keras Association in collaboration with Sestini School. The project was conceived and coordinated by Emanuel Carfora together with Ambra Nardini.

Ciredz has created an impressive work ( almost 10 meters high and 25 lenght) made with white and different shades of blue and gray, aims to create a third-dimensional optical effect, that has entirely covered part of a primary school in Agliana. This is the follow-up of his project “Ephemeral Volume” started in 2017 in Australia.

His path is an artistic research focused on glacial landscapes, especially in reference to environmental issues related to climate change. With his interventions Ciredz connects global and local issues. He captures the attention of the observer by projecting his consciousness into a extemporaneous glacial landscape, inviting us to reflect on the correlation that exists between the places of our daily life and an elsewhere considered far from us.

About his project, he says:

The works created within the Ephemeral Volume project are directly inspired by glacial landscapes and, in particular, by the change of an ice volume that slowly melt, changing shape and color. The intent of the works is to sensitize the user to global problems, trying to tear down ideological walls given by belonging to a nation; melting glaciers is a problem that affects all of us despite some living far away from them.

Check more images below and stay tuned with us for more updates from Italy.

Photo Credits: Fabrizio Bruno

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