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Ozmo in Bolgheri, Italy

July 22, 2018
2 min read
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OZMO realized a big size mural in Bolgheri, a land that has inspired and continues to inspire the arts.

The painting on the outer wall of the Le Macchiole – one of Tuscany’s finest wine estates – is full of details that, painted in chiaroscuro tones of black and white, appear suspended in an ideal time, the one of reconciliation between past and present.
Scrolling from the left to the right, we can find the famous geographic, naturalistic and cultural landmarks and symbols that evoke the context mixed with classical and pop elements that belong to his visual culture.

The Bolgheri castle, the cross with the elements of martyrdom, the famous avenue of Cypresses and the portrait of the poet Giosuè Carducci who was inspired by it. The wild boar and the vine represented in a graphic and analytical way, and Pinocchio, another famous Tuscan symbol in the world.

The 29 scenes and figures are dominated by a detail of Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People’
The site-specific nature of the work and artist’s ars combinatoria invite the spectators into a imaginative game that allows them to rediscover the sense of place and its traditions and that create a resonance within themselves.

The Mural, offered to the gaze and the wonder of the visitors, was created by the artist thanks to the invitation of the owners of the Macchiole: Cinzia Merli and her children.

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