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“Looking Beyond” a new mural by SeaCreative in Tuscany, Italy

November 23, 2018
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Let’s go back to talk about our friend and artist SeaCreative and his latest mural entitled Looking beyond. The work is included in the largest DOTS project acronym of Down On The Street, conceived by Blue Train Circolo Arci and with the support of the municipal administration of Poggibonsi.

At its fourth edition, DOTS is a festival-in-progress which, in turn, is part of the Fenice Contemporanea area project and Seacreative’s artwork is located in Poggibonsi, a small town near Siena (Tuscany). The project was carried out in two steps: the first one in the month of September in which the artist painted the first part of a 4 X 20 metres wall. Thanks to the positive feedback from both the inhabitants and the municipal administration, Sea was asked to continue with a second step, expanding his work also on the opposite side of the overpass and so in October the intervention was completed on a wall of 3.5 X 15 meters. We had a pleasant chat with Fabrizio who told us the way he was inspired and how the idea of ​​the work was born.

“What struck me when I first saw the photos of the project was this long stretch of concrete completely smooth and the first thing that came to my mind was that I would like to focus my work on space rather than on subject, who arrived at a later time. At the beginning, I tried to find an idea for “breaking through the wall, pierce the space and give another perspective” of the wall, in order to give to those who pass every day from there, a new perspective of that space. So I wanted to create a kind of fake arches that gave a different view of the space, which created the idea of ​​glimpsing something beyond the grey wall and from this concept the name of the work itself was born: looking over. It is as if I had created windows that recall the frames of the cinema and that enclose within them my illustrative imaginary. The wall is located in an area of ​​passage mainly of cars; I liked the idea that every morning, the passenger flipping here to the side, could peer into something new, with a story that accompanies him all the way over the overpass. What I represented inside the spaces, following my imagination, is a sort of fantastic forest populated by all my most classic characters. Chromatically I chose to use only black and white because, since that road passes quickly enough, I did not want the viewer to be distracted with too many colors and so I went to the essential so that the reading happened in a clearer way “.

Check more photos below sent by the artist and stay tuned with us for more news from Italy!

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