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November 23, 2018
3 min read
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OBJECT by HIROYASU TSURI 釣 博泰 / TWOONE opens Nov 23 – Dec 9 at Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easey St, Collingwood.

“There are ideas that you simply can’t express in words, logic or a singular object. Rather, the idea needs to be expressed through a story, a series of works or a collection of objects.” 

Pushing his expansive practice even further, Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TWOONE communicates concepts of value and objectivity through depicting objects across a vast range of media in his new series, OBJECT. It includes collage, light boxes, painting, drawing, photography and sculpture – realised from Tsuri’s diligent travel collection of sketches, rolls of film and found artefacts. Botanical studies, geographical elements, and curiosities from Tsuri’s expansive explorations converge in an exploratory wunderkammer, examining the value these objects hold, and the relations of these values. Objects can tell many stories and Tsuri seeks to challenge any notion that there is a singular truth connected to a phenomenon or that value attached to an object is objective. OBJECT also asks us to reflect on how we perceive the objects that make up our own worlds.

“I question general value systems that we all have. The value of objects, values on priorities, values on what art is important and what is not, value on time and money and values on morality. I’m questioning and doing a test on values in my artworks, but I think it’s important not to establish or to order these values. It’s meaningless to do so. Value is something that should shift all the time, depending on who you are, where you are and what you are.” – Hiroyasu Tsuri

As we have come to expect from Tsuri – a prolific, multi-faceted and multi-talented creator – OBJECT becomes a proposition of journey and self-thinking. We’re invited into Tsuri’s thoughts and process via etched photographs, sketchbook cut outs and collaged paper, canvas, timber and mirrors. He masterfully engineers abstract symbolism through an assimilation of traditional and modern techniques and presents it to the viewer in a captivating exposition.

Tsuri’s works are an extension of his identity and experience, told through a fusion of techniques. Authentic insight into his creative process is offered through a series of pieces that reflect Tsuri’s studio in a unique bridging of process and output. In doing so, the focus is shifted from the final form of an artwork to create a series which inherently reflects the creative process. This very honest accession provides a rare insight into the artist’s thoughts, progress and realisation of OBJECT.



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