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AnimalitoLand in Lilla Edet, Sweden

June 9, 2019
1 min read
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AnimalitoLand recently traveled to Northern Europe where he was invited by the good people from the Artscape Festival.

Painting on the streets of Lilla Edet in Sweden, his artwork is inspired by a traditional and old Ukrainian story about a young boy who loses his mitten in the forest – and all kinds of animals decides to move in!

Animalitoland comes from Argentina. She’s Curious by nature, self-taught illustrator and Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires University. For 10 years she’s worked in diverse media: illustration, comics, animation, videogames (among others), cultivating a visual language of her own, wich she uses to shape her creatures. Around 2010 she moved her inner world into the streets, without knowing how deeply would this impact on both artistic and personal ways.

Take a look at some extra shots below and if you are in the area, you’ll be able to find the piece close to Göteborgsvägen 29.

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