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“Sky Dancer” by DALeast in Borås, Sweden

August 19, 2022
2 min read
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International street artist DALeast recently worked on a project with Artscape Festival in Borås, Sweden. The wall was painted 7 years ago by DALeast himself as part of NoLimit Festival in 2015 – but the facade had to be renovated in 2019. Today we have images of a newly repainted wall by DALeast – a rendition of the previous “Sky Dancer” mural.

“As far as I can remember, this could be the first time I painted the same wall twice. The previous mural was made 7 years ago, then the city’s university had to repair and cover this library facade with my painting in 2019 due to the building’s renovation. This wall has been empty for the past 3 years, and people have requested their city to bring me back to repaint it. Finally, the conditions are aligned this year. So I decided to create a continuing version of the same sky dancer that’s soaring up and transforming through two stills. The image changes through time as well as the artist. Although it appears that I haven’t done as much external work in recent years, I sense that by not doing much, I am actually doing a lot for change. At least the old habit is peeling off. While this new piece continues to call for the openness that sparked a decade ago, the gap between subject and object is becoming softer and blurrier; edges are merging into one another. The elements keep transforming and dancing through the space, becoming the space.

A big thanks to @Artscape_festival for organizing this project and to everyone who helped make this into fruition. As well as the love and support of the people in Borås and Sweden. Thank you for opening up the sky for possibilities, this surely inspires me.” -DALeast

Check out below for more photo of the mural.

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