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Enormous Hyper-Realistic by Michael John Hunter in London

October 14, 2019
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London based artist Michael John Hunter specialises in sculpture and photography. Hunter studied Fine Art Photography at The University of Edinburgh and now works within the film industry.

His practice has taken 10 years to perfect; creating enormous hyper-realistic and highly detailed replicas of children’s toys and insects and installing these in real-life locations.

Pictured below are three sculptures, Doll, Red Robot and Toy Glider.  These are 3 images taken 3 years apart in the same location.  They all use the same technique of the artist installing the oversized sculptures in the streets in the middle of the night and then photographing them from a height with a particular focus method.
 The locations are a nightmare to find because he needs height for the composition but he also need the road to be quiet enough for him to block the road.  This location is one of his favorite because it also makes a great image.

The sculptures are photographed at night, from a certain height and angle and using a specific focus technique which ‘fakes macro photography’. The resulting works explore how imagery can manipulate how we view our world.

Enormous Hyper-Realistic by Michael John Hunter in London

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